Season 2017/2018

Season 2016/2017
05.01.2017 New Year’s concert at Alatskivi 2017
20.08.2016 25th Day of Restoration of Independence celebration
Season 2015/2016
18.06.16 Summer party of three choirs
17.06.16 The Institute of Economics and Social Sciences of Estonian University of Life Sciences closing ceremony
10.06.16 The Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences of the Estonian University of Life Sciences closing ceremony
04.06.16 BBC show recording in Tartu and Men’s Singing Day of Haaslava
28.05.16 IV Uma Pido festival in Põlva
25.05.16 TÜ/Rock finaalmängu toetamas
14.05.16 “Noored koorijuhid” concert at the Metodist church in Tallinn
28.04-05.05.16 INTERKULTUR international choir competition
24.04.16 Spring concert “On the Way to Austria” with Tartu neidudekooriga Kurekell
20.03.16 A concert “Fly Up From Your Sorrows” at the House of Blackheads in Tallinn
11.03.16 A concert with the women’s choir “Emajõe Laulikud” in Vastseliina
26.02.16 A concert “Vacation in Viljandi”
24.02.16 98th Estoninan Independece Day celebration in Tartu
07.01.16 New Year’s concert at Alatskivi 2016
20.-21.12.15 Joint Christmas concerts of four groups
01.12.15 The 96th anniversary of the national university
21.11.15 XXI Malechoir Singing Day of South-Estonia
9.-10.10.15 Vocal camp in Võnnu
1.10.15 The memorial ceremony at the Raadi cemetery
5.09.15 Juhan Simm 130
1.09.15 Opening ceremony of the Estonian University of Life Sciences
Season 2014/2015
18.04.15 Church concert at the Riga Cathedral
6.03.15 A concert at Mustvee with the women’s choir Emajõe Laulikud
20.02.15 Estonian Independence Day at the University of Tartu
15.01.15 New Year’s concert at Alatskivi< 19.12.14 ‘The Road to Christmas’ – a Christmas concert
29.11.14 National University of Estonia 95 concert: ‘Loomiselugu’ (‘Genesis’) ja ‘Helin mu rinna sees’ (‘Ringing in My Chest’)
22.11 XX festival of men’s and women’s choirs of Tartu
25.09.14 The memorial ceremony of the University of Tartu at the Raadi cemetery
1.09.14 School year opening ceremony of the Estonian University of Life Sciences
4.09.14-29.09.14 Auditions for new singers