Laulis isa, laulis poega

On Friday, the 23rd of February there will be a joint concert in the Assembly Hall (Ülikooli 18, Tartu) dedicated to Estonian independence. It is called “Laulis isa, laulis poega” (“The father sang, the son sang”).   Performers: Tartu Boys Choir and Tartu Academic Male Choir   Conductors: Annelii Traks, Undel Kokk (Tartu Boys Choir) […]


New Year’s concert at Alatskivi

We will start a New Year with a traditional concert at Alatskivi Castle. It will take place on 4th of January at 19.00.   Accompanyist: Jorma Toots   Entrance is free!  


A Christmas concert “Me kolmekesi”

On Saturday, the 16th of December there will be a joint Christmas concert of three choirs in the Assembly Hall (Ülikooli 18, Tartu). It is called “Me kolmekesi…” (“The three of us…”).   Performers: The Chamber Choir of the University of Tartu, The Academic Women’s Choir of the University of Tartu and Tartu Academic Male […]


Advent concert in Võru

Men from Tartu are coming to Võru!   Our chief conductor Kuno Kerge is from Võru and first time in our history Tartu Academic Male Choir will sing in Võru under his conducting. Advent concert will take place in Võru Culture House “Kannel” (Liiva 13, Võru) on 10th of December at 15.00   One can […]


Gustav Ernesaks 109

Gustav Ernesaks was born on 12th of December 1908 and this year we are celebrating his 109th Birthday.   On 12th of December at 19.00 takes place a concert in Glass Hall of Tallinn Song Festival Grounds where one can hear the best choirs from Tartu and there will be an announcement of Gustav Ernesaks […]


Choir marathon of South-Estonia

  On the 11th of November 2017 we are helping to restore St. Mary’s Church by singing together with 45 choirs from South of Estonia. Our choir will be performing in St. Peter’s Church starting at 16.00. You all are welcome to enjoy the concert! All the money from tickets will be donated to St. […]